Posted by: Fawn | April 23, 2009

I am in Arkansas!

meinark1For those of you that don’t know I am doing a month long internship in Arkansas with elephants. Learning how to care for them in captivity, their diets, behaviors and stuff like foot care, safety practices… It has been amazing!

I have been gone since March 31st. I misses a lot of family and friend events this month which was a bummer because I really like to be involved in those things but I just really needed to do this for myself. Very sad to miss my BABY JAKE’S first easter, My Grandma and Josh’s Birthday among other things. I had to just get away and finally make a decision. The decision I had to make was… Am I just dreaming when I think that working with elephants will make me happy? (After all I have no experience with elephants) So I came here to decide if this is really something that I want to do, If this is something that will make me happy. I was so scared before I left that maybe it was just a dream and that nothing, not even elephants could make me happy. But I am glad to announce it is not a dream. I have been beaming since I got here. Just to be around them, to be able to watch the elephants has been unbelievably amazing and really life changing because one, I know that I can be happy, If I want to be happy… and two! I have decided I am going to work towards becoming an elephant handler. Whatever I have to do I will do it!

Even when the work is so hard here and I dont think I can wheel one more wheel Barrow full of elephant poop up and ramp to dump into a spreader I can somehow do it and it’s because thats what elephants need. If you have a captive elephant they need to have all of that done for them and I am willing to do any work that is for the elephants. Someone was joking around and told someone else to put something in the elephants butt. That person said that they wouldn’t do that. I said, “I will!” A joke of course because you should never put your hand in an elephants butt unless it is for a medical procedure but my point of sharing that little statement I made is that I am just very eager to work with elephants and it feels good to want to do something so badly and to not just be indifferent. toby-copyThis is Toby and he is by far, My favorite elephant! In my mind I would like to think that his full name is Tobias. I am now allowed to chain and unchain toby in the mornings and evenings, a handler is always there though!


amymissbetsThis is Amy and her Baby. I don’t think Amy likes me that much, but I would like to think that is just because I am a new person around her baby. She gives me a look that says, ” I’m watching you.” The baby is sooo smart! Can’t get anything past her, not even a cherry cordial full of Vitamin E… haha!


More to come. I love it here, I love elephants! Also, I love working outside in the sunshine. I have known for a very long time how important the sun is in my life. I just need it!


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